Master Rooter AZ Three Ways to Snake Your Drain

Three Ways to Snake Your Drain

At some point, we’ve all had a clogged drain in our kitchen sink or bathroom shower. Whether it’s a disgusting hairball in the shower or waterlogged remnants in the kitchen sink, learning how to snake your drain correctly is critical for preventing dirt back-ups from happening.

If you’re contemplating how to snake a drain, chances are you’re dealing with a major blockage. Snaking a drain is a term that refers to the process of dislodging a difficult clog from your pipe to ensure proper sink or tub drainage. While dealing with a clogged sink is inconvenient, you may resolve the issue without calling a plumber with the correct knowledge and tools.

When Is It Necessary to Snake Your Drain?

Knowing how to snake your drain is important when you’re facing a plumbing emergency and need to do something until the plumber comes. Food, hair, and soap scum may quickly block your minor drains in the drainpipe or the u-shaped trap just under the sink. Most of these obstructions are small and may be resolved with a simple do-it-yourself snake drain repair. If the clogging appears solid enough and can’t be eliminated with the snake drain, or if the drain trap and pipes were clean despite the obstruction, you may have a more severe plumbing issue that should be left to a professional plumber.

What you will need to snake a drain

When a clog occurs, the good news is that few instruments are required. All you need is a snake, which is readily accessible at most hardware stores.

A drain snake is a long, narrow piece of plastic or steel that is put down your sink drain to assist in dislodging a clog caused by soap scum, hair, dirt, or other material. It is flexible, enabling it to maneuver around the sink drain despite where the sink is located: in the kitchen, bathroom, another part of your house, or even outdoors.

3 ways to snake your drain:

  • Take away the drain cover. Most drains have a lid that collects hair and other debris, whether a sink or a tub. Move this aside to allow your drain snake access to the obstruction.
  • The snake cable should be inserted into the drain. Rotate the snake handle clockwise, and when you encounter an obstruction, twist, and pull the cable to dislodge the clog’s substance.
  • Secure the clog. Depending on the clog’s composition, the snake may be able to hook it and drag it toward you. After you believe you have broken up the blockage, remove the cable and flush the drain with water to see whether the clog has been effectively eliminated. It may take numerous attempts to push or drag the blockage entirely through your pipe.

When Should You Contact a Professional Plumber for Drain Clogs?

While a plumber’s drain snake is an excellent do-it-yourself tool, it is best utilized to clear small obstructions caused by soap, grime, or hair. You’re better off sending in a qualified plumber for more severe or obstinate clogs. 

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