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Master Rooter AZ is proud to offer the best pipe repair services in Arizona including drain cleaning & repairs, pipe bursting, pipelining, commercial plumbing, and gas line services. Learn more about our services below or contact us now for more information.


It’s never pleasant coming home to a flooded laundry because of a clogged drain or taking a shower and then noticing that the tub isn’t emptying.

Clumps of hair, grease, fat, oil buildup, food blockages, and non-flushable items are the most common reasons for clogged drains which can create quite a pain for many homeowners.

You should be regularly monitoring your water drainage and cleaning your drains. When drains are clear, it should not take very long for the water to go down and it should not bounce back.

One of our expertise lies in drain cleaning. Our team will inspect the situation and make recommendations that fit your home and budget and share with you best practices to keep the drains clog-free.


Often times homeowners are resistant to fixing, lingering drain problems because of the potential disruption to their home. Pipe bursting might be an effective solution for you. 

Over time the sewer lines become rusty and wear out. In either of the cases, the only option for you is to repair or replace them. Thankfully due to a pipe bursting you save a lot of hassles and money.

Pipe bursting is a well-established trenchless method used for the replacement of a deteriorated pipe with a new pipe of the same or larger diameter. The process involves breaking open the existing pipe while pulling or pushing a new pipe in place behind the bursting head with little or no disturbance.

It is usually effective when damaged pipe systems run beneath roads, sidewalks, buildings, and parking lots that cannot be disturbed.

Master Rooter offers these services at a reasonable price and with a full guarantee.

pipe lining

Pipelining can be used in many cases for both, water and sewer lines.

If the water bill suddenly spikes up, the water pressure is low, there are a musty smell or mold and water spots on wall, ceilings or floors there is a leak.

Our leak detection process helps identify those leaks. We use state-of-the-art equipment to detect those potential issues. After we are finished with the leak detection process our experts will inform you of the scope of work.

We use a trenchless pipelining method to fix the leakage.

Pipelining is a way to restore the pipe from leaks, cracks, bursts, or corrosion from roots. It’s a four-step process that contains putting a pipe within a pipe which will last up to 40 years or more.

It also preserves the building structure, landscapes and causes little to no destruction to the property in comparison to replacing the entire pipe.

commercial plumbing

Running a business involves taking care of a lot of petty things, including making sure that the plumbing in your office or commercial place is working up to date.

As a business owner, you should be focusing on other tasks than a leaking pipe or a broken toilet.

Commercial plumbing relates to buildings such as Hospitals, Hotels, small and large businesses, offices, multi-story buildings, and residential spaces and has typically larger pipes and larger plumbing systems than the average home so it’s always wise to choose an expert.

So, our plumbers in Master Rooter offer you service, repair, and new installation of commercial plumbing.

We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and we have the skill to handle the most problems you might face at work.


With over 50 years of experience in this industry, we are dedicated to providing clients with the very best pipe repair services, installation, and repair for all your plumbing needs.
We are known for our quality work in the plumbing industry and strongly believe in giving our customers the most of their money. When it comes to plumbing for your home or the business you can never take anything lightly as it involves all your installation, repair, and maintenance of the system which is used for conveying fluids of any type.
If you need any kind of help regarding plumbing. We do commercial plumbing, residential plumbing, gas line services, drain cleaning, pipe bursting, and pipelining.



Natural gas is an abundant source of energy and excellent heating to use in your home. Ever thought of replacing your old electric stove with a new gas stove?

If you find yourself in need of a new gas line that uses natural gas or if you already have one and want maintenance or you want to add a fireplace to your home to keep you warm, Master Rooter is the most trusted and efficient solution.

Your gas line needs to be repaired as soon as it’s required. The risk of cracked, broken, or misaligned gas plumbing can be very dangerous and disastrous.

If you notice anything wrong with your gas line such as hissing sounds, smelling rotten eggs, gas lines older than 40 years, or issues with the gas appliances, you would need to call a professional at the first sign of a problem So, you might wonder whom to call.

The answer is Master Rooter who has been serving and excelling in this field for over 50 years now.

We will not only do the job for you but assure you the peace of mind that your family and surroundings are safe as our Masters are very skilled with Gas plumbing repairs and Installation.

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