Only an experienced plumber can locate the source of the blockage and determine the best drain cleaning approach. While the property owner, sewer companies, community, or tenant may be responsible for servicing, cleaning, and unblocking drains in Phoenix, depending on the situation. 

Nevertheless, if a drain on your property is shared with a neighbor, water and sewer companies are responsible for it, even if it is in your garden. You are ONLY responsible for the drains on your property that are not shared with a neighbor.  

Drain Cleaning Responsibilities

In determining the necessity of your drain cleaning, the right should be clear about who should take responsibility for the damage for spontaneous action and curb future recurrences and hazards:

  • When an obstruction is located on public property, it is the responsibility of your city council to remove it.
  • Sewerage companies are in charge of lateral drains and sewers, generally located outside of property boundaries. 
  • In the case of privately owned or un-adopted sewers, even though the government now owns most. You may be responsible for the upkeep, primarily if it provides service to your property.
  • Drains inside your property boundaries are your responsibility.

Common Causes of Blocks In Drainage Systems

Drain blockages can occur for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most frequent causes of clogged drains with required requires immediate and emergency drain cleaning services:

  • Dirt accumulation
  • tree and plant roots
  • Pipes that have burst
  • a result of the recent storms
  • Sedimentation accumulation
  • fatty acids, lubricants, and fats
  • a shoddy job of installing the pipes
  • Tampons, pads, and other female items

Homeowner and Tenant Right

Both homeowners and tenants are in charge of making sure the property is safe and habitable. This means tenants are mainly responsible for drain cleaning and maintaining the property so that it is in the same condition as when they moved in. At the same time, homeowners are responsible for maintaining the property’s structural integrity with drain and sewer inclusive.


The homeowner is liable for clogged drains that occur on the property significantly drain shared by different tenants. Its the responsibility of the homeowner to summon drain cleaning services when the need arises. As a homeowner, be prepared to swing into action when:

  1. Pipes have suffered from a lack of upkeep.
  2. The clog wear and tear.


The tenant is ultimately responsible when the following situations and blocked drains are the responsibility of the tenant if:

  1. The tenant damages the sewer or drain.
  2. The tenant’s negligence; like blocked pipes caused by hair, foreign objects, wet pipes, or sanitary material;

Unless the damage is the tenant’s fault, they are responsible for clearing the drain and paying for any necessary repairs. 

The Council and sewer companies

Sewer and stormwater pipes on council land are the responsibility of the council and sewer companies. Contact your local council if there is a blockage. They will be able to get the problem resolved quickly. No matter the case, all repair, and cleaning boil down to plumbing and sewer companies for a lasting repair.

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