Master Rooter AZ What Are the Main Types of Plumbing Systems

What Are the Main Types of Plumbing Systems?

Plumbing performs two primary functions in a building. First, to bring drinking water into the building for human use. Secondly, it serves as wastewater removal from the building.

Plumbing systems are found in every type of structure, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. These systems serve a great deal for humans’ comfort and are divided into three basic types: Potable, sanitary, and stormwater plumbing systems. Each system has a specific purpose, yet they work together to carry water and waste to and from a structure. Potable water is brought in, sanitary water is flushed away, and stormwater drains rainwater from a structure after it has accumulated.

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Potable water

Every droplet of water entering your home in a well-kept plumbing system is potable or safe to drink. The same goes for the water in your toilet tank. Usually, smaller towns rely on subsurface water, whereas larger cities rely on surface water sources such as lakes or rivers. And to make the water safe to drink, it goes through a series of processes. Most of the time, water comes from an aquifer and is softened with lime and reverse osmosis before being kept in groundwater tanks and pumped into our houses.

Sanitary drainage

Is there anything that happens to the water once it’s been used? While many rural households have their septic tanks, all wastewater and everything else that’s in it is disposed of through the sewers in a municipal system, unlike in rural areas. And before it reaches any waterways, it is sent to a wastewater treatment facility for disinfection.

Municipal water treatment plants may handle a startling volume of water. The wastewater treatment division of the city can process nearly 20 million gallons of water per day! After being treated to potable water standards, some of this water is recovered and recirculated in the neighborhood. This is often a popular method to conserve water.

Storm drainage

During a Southern rainstorm, there is a lot of water to deal with! The storm drains you see in the roadway are the most common destination. Generally, storm drainage and wastewater drainage are separated, but in some cases, a city may use a mixed system where both drain into the same sewer pipes.

Most storm drainage systems do not need rainwater to be treated before being sent to the nearest body of water. As a result, contaminants like motor oil dumped into storm drains can contaminate surrounding freshwater sources and harm ecosystems.

A blockage is another typical problem. Flooding can occur when leaves or other debris plug a storm drain, especially during substantial rainfall. Sewage backed up into the streets, or people’s homes could result from this in a mixed system. And before any severe harm happens, municipal employees and plumbers are continuously on the lookout for blockages.


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