hydro jetting

Can hydro jetting damage pipes?

The hydro jetting may be a hose connected to a strong nozzle, which expels large quantities of water at very high. The quantity of pressure can sometimes reach around 35,000 very powerful psi. The nozzle isn’t driven down the drain but is just pushed through because it is typically self-propelled.


The question is additionally whether Hydro Jetting is safe for the pipes?

Hydro jetting is understood together as the safest, most thorough, and efficient way to clear pipe blockages. This method uses a hose to blow continuous high-pressure water through your hose to clear blockages, cleaning the whole diameter of the hose.

Hydro jetting is essentially powerful and specialized pressure washers. No chemicals are needed. Since only water is employed, it’s eco-friendly thanks to clean-out pipes. A uniquely designed nozzle is attached to a machine that pressurizes the water, producing a strong jet of up to approximately 60,000 psi.

This amount of pressure is even powerful enough to interrupt up tree roots and for this reason, it’s important to examine the hoses before use and confirm the hose isn’t damaged, because the pressure can potentially l ‘damage further. This is often usually through with a camera sent down the drain.

After checking the hose, the special hose and nozzle, varying in size from 1.5 “to 8”, are moved into the hose. The planning and water pressure typically propel the system through the pipe, removing minerals, grease, and debris.

Several passes are often made to completely clean stubborn blockages. When finished, the pipe is checked another time to form sure the work is completed. Hydro jetting won’t cause any damage to your pipes when it’s done by professionals.


For minor and temporary blockages, cleaning with a waterjet might not be the simplest solution. If the fabric that’s blocking the pipes doesn’t break easily with coils like toilet tissue, hair, or food would, it is often a harder blockage sort of a tree root or mineral buildup.

These are the blockages that the utilization of the hydro-jet is aimed toward, but if the stronger solution is employed for fewer stubborn obstacles, it’ll also completely clean the pipes while removing the blockage.

The water jet is powerful enough to get rid of not only these blockages but also any bacteria that have settled within the sewers. If foul odors are coming from the drains, this will also help eliminate them.

The hooves are sometimes cleaned with a snake but not completely removed thanks to breakage. one hydro-jet cleaning will make sure the hose is clean and may delay the necessity for an additional trip up to fourfold longer than a typical procedure with a snake. This cuts down on sewer service expenses by the end of the day.

Waterjet cleaning is additionally safer for the environment than a choice of using chemicals to get rid of blockages. it’s also safer on the pipes themselves by avoiding potential damage from chemical solutions.


While plumbing professionals are often hired to accomplish the task, waterjet cleaning systems also can be hired. If you’re comfortable with using the system and are confident that the pipes haven’t been damaged, this might be a possible solution. this is often very true for places with tons of buildup and frequent blockages, like restaurants, which may use these quiet residences. These are often picked up at major retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

For rare cases, especially once you are unacquainted with the condition of the piping system, it’s going to be best to contact an area plumber. This will help prevent potential damage from accidental misuse. Hydro jetting won’t cause any damage to your pipes when it’s done by professionals. No chemicals are needed. Since only water is employed, it’s eco-friendly thanks to clean-out pipes.

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