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Every perfect home must have a sewer line to convey waste away from sinks, toilets, tubs, and other fixtures. Each of these separate lines connects to the main sewer line then directly to your septic system. When proper sewer repair is achieved, this may prevent a messy home and environment.

Then your toilet may make gurgling or trickling noises, water draining slower than usual, a sinkhole in your yard that appeared out of nowhere, and your lawn turning a vivid green color in patches.

When you experience all the above, you may have to consider a sewer repair. To avoid risk, consult a Master Rooter AZ to determine if you need a sewer repair and sewer line replacement. We’ll also access your sewer homeowner insurance policy for sewage line replacement coverage. 

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Line?

Most times, homeowner insurance will not cover the cost of sewer repair and sewer replacement. Or sewage line damage caused by homeowner or preventable physical causes like:

  • Pipe Physically Damaged

Your homeowner insurance provider would not cover the cost of repairs if the physical damage to the pipe was caused by poor maintenance, bad construction, or a preventable error.

In addition, there are several disasters that your insurance will not cover under a standard policy. Like damage from earthquakes, floods, pests, and tree roots are just a few examples. 

  • Backup of Sewage

Most homeowner insurance policy expressly stipulates that any damage resulting from a sewage backup is not covered. Insurance companies will not be able to repair anything that the water or raw sewage has destroyed.

Many causes of the sewage backup may be traced back to physical damage to the pipe, resulting in a hefty charge to sewer replacement and sewer repair damage to the residence.

  • Sewage Backup Endorsement 

Most homes insurance firms include an endorsement adding a basic policy to cover sewage backup damages but not physical damage.

Insurance Information Institute endorses extra acceptance costs between forty to fifty dollars a year and provides an additional ten thousand dollars of coverage in the event of a sewer backup. 

Ten thousand dollars is unlikely to be sufficient to cover a significant sewage backup. The best thing you can do is avoid a sewer line backup from happening.

  • Endorsement of the service line protection

You’re required to have service line protection endorsement if you need extended coverage for sewer lines than the primary homeowner’s insurance policy covers. But not all insurance firms provide this, so you may have to transfer your insurance services. 

At Master Rooter AZ, we can connect you with the best firms with service line protection endorsements.

How to Care for Your Sewer Line

  • A skilled plumber inspects your plumbing once a year.
  • Be aware of the location of your sewer line pipes.
  • Planting trees and bushes near your sewer line is a bad idea.
  • Parking vehicles or store anything substantial over the sewer line is terrible. (Weight may harm the pipes and sewer line).
  • Flush only human excreta and toilet paper.
  • Do not pour grease down the drain.
  • Consider using plastic instead of metal pipes.

Do you need sewer line replacement endorsements added to your homeowner’s insurance policy?

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